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Feminism In India – Kalki Koechlin


We were just skimming through twitter when we came across this image. We personally recommend for individual to read and understand this. Make a difference because India needs Feminism. Women should have the equal rights as men. They should be able to work, able to be educated, able to live and most of able to receive justice.  Society portrays women to be a vulnerable figure. A figure of which anyone can take advantage of. The most inhumane treatments would probably occur to women. It’s simply wrong and unnatural to kill baby girls. Why because they are not men? they can’t provide the parents with the happiness as a boy can? This is utter wrong. Today in different parts of the world, women are more successful, they have rights and they can achieve justice if injustice happens to them .  Please take a stand and help the women in India. We don’t want rapes, we don’t want murder, we don’t want women to be illiterate or not work. LLSB team is not comparing women to men but we think that both men and women should have equality in this society

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HumShakals Review

“Bollywood movies are my life”-Sajid Khan 

What utter bullshit. Sajid khan seems to be a nice person but he is indeed a horrible director. The only films that I enjoyed watching which was directed by him was “HouseFull” and  “HeyyBaby”. Anyways coming towards my main point HumShakals is a comedy film directed by Sajid Khan and starring; Ritesh Deskmuhk, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Ram Kapoor, Esha Gupta and Tamannah Bhatia. The story plot goes something like this Ashok (Saif) and Kumar (Ritesh) are best friends, where as Shanaya (Tamannah) and Mishti (biphasa) are their love interests. Ashok’s father is a multi millionaire but is in a coma for the last six years, while his wicked Mamaji (Ram) teams up with an evil Doctor Dr. Khan to get rid of Ashok and take over all his property. During a board meeting Mamaji mixes a medicine in Ashok and Kumar’s drink and they both start behaving like dogs. They are taken to a mental asylum for treatment by Dr. Shivani (Esha) who soon realizes the truth and promises to discharge them. But fate takes a twist as two lookalikes of Ashok and Kumar being treated in the same hospital’s ‘B’ ward. 

Alright lets start with the Pro’s

1) This movie had great songs. Espeically “caller tune” is quite catchy. Overall the compostion of the songs were done to a good standard but not a brilliant standard.

2)The three actress Bipasha, Esha and Tamannah looked beautiful and amazing. They were properly well styled and costumed.

3) Ritesh is the only person whom I found to be funny in this film. You can clearly tell how perfectly he fits into each character and makes the character amusing to watch.

5) You can clearly tell that Ram Kapoor put a lot of effort for his character in Humshakals. He kind of does play justice to his role however there is more potential within him of which we can expect.

Con’s- Now this list will go on for ages

1) Overall Humshakals is a confusing story. You lose interest in the film because you don’t understand which humshakal is ment to be who and there significance .

2) This is not a comedy film but a toture film . Sajid tries his best to make it a comedy film but it’s plain cliched and boring. He use different sub genres of comedy which he already used in his previous films. I mean watching the same thing again on screen and that to on two different movies is not a  creative, stupid idea .

3)Saif Ali Khan you overact too much in this film. Comedy is not the right forte for you. i think you should just stick with directing, producing or acting in action films.

4) I don’t understand why Sajid can not keep his story plots nice and simple. Maybe he needs to stop being over addicted to bollywood movies and try to think logically. We as an audience enjoy comedy films but we hate the bakwas movies you make and how you try to make it funny. Heres a tip for you; why don’t you ask your audience or memebers of the public on how to properly direct a film .

5) The dance choreography was outrageous. It was silly, pathetic moves which had no meaning or feel

6) Nothing seemed orginal in this movie. Everything felt like it was copied, pasted from different hollywood and bollywood movies.

7) Overall i urge you to not waste your time and watch or buy this movie


From the LLSB Team we give Sajid Khan multi blockbuster movie Humshakals a 0.5/5

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You Tell Us

You Tell Us

We have thought about new ways to update and modify our blog. One of our aims is to entertain you and to keep you inspired and motivated. Therefore we have decided to introduce a new concept: “You Tell Us.”

We are not sure if this will work but it’s worth a try. We understand that life is not easy at times. We understand that each individuals go through problems and hardship and sometimes you may be hesitant in sharing your feelings or unsure of a way to resolve your issue.

Therefore we would kindly like to suggest to you to send us a message or comment below about the issue that you would like for us to try and resolve and motivate you. We are a reliable and trustworthy site. We promise that we will not identify your name when we post resolutions to certain problems ie; depression. We promise that you will remain anonymous.

No one deserves to be upset, miserable, confused and unhappy in their lives. Our aim is to motivate, inspire and help you to live a happy, healthy and positive life.

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LLSB Team ( Live Laugh Smile Bollywood) 

Bollywood vs. Reality

I couldn’t agree more 🙂


So, as most of you know (or should know by this point), I am a little bit of a Bollywood* junkie. So much so that a few days ago one of my friends informed me that one of India’s largest film production company’s was searching for a fresh new face and my stomach doubled over with excitement. This is my break. Naturally, my dad shot the idea down so fast and went on that whole “have you seen the filth in those movies”. I’m assuming by “filth” he means that on-screen kisses are now common in Hindi films.

Regardless, in effort to make myself feel a tad bit better about my now dead dreams, I have decided to write this post.

The differences between Bollywood and real life.


The concept of time is highly skewed in all Hindi films. You’re probably thinking, yeah K, obviously, it’s a story condensed…

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Social Media Say What?


As requested by a friend, I wanted to discuss the impact of social media on today’s growing India. It’s become something of a neccesity nowadays, despite the fact that there are a large fraction that don’t even know how to use it effectively or even for the intended purpose. But that being said, I applaud those who have found new and inventive ways to adapt it to Indian culture, and let me just add, they are absolutely milking the large fanbase they have acquired!

This brings to mind a funny incident I witnessed, and continue to witness on a daily basis. I don’t know whether out of innocence or ignorance that people actually think that sharing something a certain amount of times, or liking it, will actually change someone’s life. You know what I’m on about! Those ‘300 likes in 20 seconds can save this girl’s life’ or ‘Like to…

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Has the 21st century children lost their true indian cultural beliefs?

Has the 21st century children lost their true indian cultural beliefs? Some may say some may say no. I personally find it eccentric if people believe that the children of 21st century has not lost their true indian cultural beliefs. Children today are becoming influenced by all sorts of things like social media, friendship groups, television,hollywood or maybe even bollywood.

These influential things in my opinion maybe bad in certain ways but good in certain ways, for example:Children are starting to adapt to the English Language. May i say learning english and understanding it is brilliant. I am highly found of literature , however despite knowing english, children are forgetting their mother tongue. Whether it be urdu, hindi, bengali, tamil,Gujrati they are forgetting their heritage and their language which makes them unique in this beautiful world. I dislike the fact that children are not understanding the essence and meaning behind learning and understanding their mother tongue. 

My next point is bollywood. Today god knows how bollywood is influencing our children. Back in the good old days around the 1990’s the time I was born, we had great new hindi movies releasing with great story plot lines and most of all their wasn’t any vulgar or sexual scenes. Movies back then was appropriate for all ages to watch. However if skip ahead in time and come to the year 2014, all we see on screen in bollywood films is half naked girls, actors and actress having sex, actors and actress kissing, actress wearing half naked clothes and I can just go on about. Where is the good old bollywood films? The good old traditional films with amazing story plot lines which wasn’t cliched to watch. Where is it all? It’s gone all down the drain. The indian culture is about being traditional, respectful in attitude and in what you wear. As an indian I understand the exposure of half naked skin is bad. Being half naked doesn’t mean your hot or sexy it means your lame and retarded from the brain.

As a woman I personally think our bodies is for our future husbands to see not any random guy or men and I think the same goes for men . So basically children who watch bollywood are becoming influenced by this. It disgusts me to say children walking in half naked clothes, smoking, drinking, partying, not having respect for their culture or elders and most of all assuming loosing their virginity at a young age is good. Reality check to the children of the 21st century, if you think what i stated above is true then you need serious help because what you do bad at a young age can make you regret your actions whether it be in the present or future. Another point to ponder upon is why the hell is children at a young age getting into relationships. What the heck is wrong with you. You are just a child.

Appreciate what your mother and father do for you. They make sure you have a good education, then why do you do stupid things by hiding to them that your in a relationship with someone else who is like 20000000000000 km away from you. Stop lying to your parents, start appreciating them ,respecting them, start becoming more studious towards your studies so that you can make your future easy and not difficult. Hence i say the children of the 21st century have lost their true indian cultural beliefs by the influential things surrounding us. 

I conclude by saying to all the parents throughout the world, please don’t make your children loose their true indian cultural beliefs. Make them understand their culture is a significant part to them, its make them who they are, it makes them unique and beautiful. 


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Image  Love, what is it? Well I myself don’t know for sure as i have never been in love however I know that i can definitely differentiate between what an infatuation is and  love. As we know it , today, this very current minute the world is changing, the world some might say is developing into a better place for us to live in. However, in fact I personally think that the world is deteriorating this very minute. From cyber-bullying, racism, discrimination, poverty and most of all depression, suicide, rebelliousness because your girlfriend or boyfriend has broken up with you. Teenagers especailly these days are willingly prepared to give up their lives for such irrelevent things such as a relationship break up. Hence i come towards my main point, Aashique2.

“Hum tere bin ab reh nahin sakte . Tere bina kyaa vajood meraa (I can’t live without you now, What’s my existence without you.)

Tujh se judaa gar ho jaayenge. To khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa. (If I get separated from you, I’ll be separated from my own self.)

Kyonki tum hi ho, Ab tum hi ho, Zindagi, ab tum hi ho , Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi, Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (Because you alone are,
Now you only are, life. You’re my life. My peace, and my pain, you alone are my love).” 

Aashique2 has great and meaningful songs but what I dislike about the film is that how it is trying to promote, ” Go suicide and die , it means you love your girlfriend/boyfriend. Be a coward and don’t face your problems. There is no such thing as solutions in this world and working out your worries/ tensions with your loved ones. Just go die and commit suicide.” Seriously, this is despicable and unnecessary. I dislike the fact that what is being promoted in films like Aashique 2 actually happen in reality . Teenagers born within the 21st century are easily influenced by the television and media and hence they take irrational steps in life which they this is an ultimate sacrifice for their love. Undoubtedly this is utter nonsense. As it states in Ecclesiastes 7:17, “Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time?” Don’t be foolish, be mature, if you have any problems which leads you to think about taking your own life then tell someone who is close to you, a family member, suicide hotline services, rehabilitation groups, or just submit comments on anonymous and I myself will try to help you. Your life is precious and delicate, be wise and mature as you take every step within the journey of your life. As for Aashiquie 2 I can continue writing on about the negative aspect of the films and its influences to teenagers such as Alcohol intake, violence, not thinking about valuable things in life just LOVE. 

I hoped you enjoyed reading my opinion on Aashiquie2 and life.

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