Views on being a Christian

Today we thought about writing about religion. We respect each different culture and religion. Anyways today we want to share what religion means to us. Personally being a christian is great. There is sense of peace, a sense of calmness, a sense of love, a sense of happiness. What we most love is feeling Gods presence. Our good lord love us and has a divine purpose for everyone.This is our personal experience but whenever we pray to him we feel peaceful. We feel like that even though we have problems in our life, our god is with us. He has heard our prayers and according to him time and will he will bless us and find a resolution to our  problems. Sometimes we feel bad because today in this generation we commit sins and sometimes forget to ask for repentance. The aspect or point we’re trying to say is that even though we make mistake and ask repentance to god with a clean heart, he will forgive us.  For god nothing is impossible, everything is possible. He is a god who heals, touches, bless, loves, forgive his children. He loves us equally. This is how we feel about our religion. Share your comments below and tell us how you feel about your religion. God Bless you all

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What God means to me !

When i am low or feeling overwhelmed due to exams or stress, i sometimes forget to kneel down and pray to god and ask for his guidance. I realize as a strong christian follower that each day of your life is crap when you do not take the time out to remember God almighty who died for you and I and sacrificed his self upon the cross. Sometimes people ask me, ‘ Sweets who is your bestfriend’ and I look around trying to figure who is actually my best friend .

I think and think and then come to a conclusion , since i do not want to hurt anyones feelings, I would probably say God is my bestfriend. Ever since taking out that small time to remember god, praise him and worship him, I feel much more happier and vibrant . When you have a strong connection with God, no evil forces or boundaries can come in the way and hinder your relationship with lord as long as you stay faithful and obedient.

Lord does not let his children cry or weep. He is there for each one of you, looking after you and planning your present and future through your own actions. He loves us and is the only one who truly understand us, our hearts, our minds, our thoughts, our feeling and basically he understands everything to do with us. Hence i finish of by concluding:

Take that time out and pray to the lord almighty. thank him for the prosperous life your living. Exalt his name and stay faithful, obedient to him. As it says in John 14:6; “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Praise the lord and thank you for your almighty presence. 

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